Kurator and NPRA 2016-11-25T21:13:41+08:00

Kurator and NPRA


Malaysian’s Ministry of Health requires all cosmetic and related products to be notified to the Malaysian’s National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).

We are differentiated from other parallel resellers (i.e. sellers who sources products at various locations abroad to be resold at a higher prices) as we work directly with the brands and companies. We are personally involved in collecting the products from each Supplier, and have full autonomy throughout the importation process, effectively minimizing the risk of tampering. Thus, we can proudly guarantee the safety and authenticity of every product in our inventory.

Kurator Sdn. Bhd. personally notifies all products listed on Kurator.my  to the NPRA. All listed ingredients have been submitted to and approved by the NPRA, and in full compliance with their rules and regulations.

NPRA’s approval can be individually identified and checked through NPRA’s website here.

A copy of the Notification Note can be requested by formally writing to us.