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Skincare, simplified. 

J.ONE Cosmetics is the brainchild of Korean actress Ha Ji Won, created to condense and simplify skincare routines. The actress was directly involved in every stage of the development process, eliminating all harmful ingredients and stringently formulated to deliver effective results.

J.ONE range of products were rigidly tested for in dermatology laboratories, and emphasises the incorporation of eco-friendly raw materials into each and every product. The nature friendly brand was launched in June 2015, and on the first day of launch the products were sold out within an hour and a half. The stock replenishment were then again sold out in the following four days, and had received continuous good response from all online and offline platforms.

Since then, J.ONE Cosmetics has carried on the legacy of developing effective and multi-tasking skincare products, creating skincare which are well-loved by everyone.