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Blossom Jeju Malaysia Official Distributor, Kurator,, Korean Skincare

Blossom Jeju

The Island of Flower and Fruits

“One snowy, winter’s day, I found little red flowers blossoming in the middle of a mysterious, lush forest called “Gotjawal”.

One local Jeju woman told me that these great Camellia trees protected their mandarins from typhoons in summertime, and gave beautiful blossom in winter time when they had rested after the mandarin harvest.

And the Camellia seeds were loved by the island women for protecting their skin and hair from the harsh environment.

With a nature-loving girl at the helm and pure, skin-loving Jeju Camellia Oil as both the flagship product and signature ingredient, Blossom Jeju began its mission to change the face of natural skincare.

The simple truth is we make products that not only perform better, they are better – ethically, aesthetically and environmentally. “

This is the beginning.